Free Translation

Experience free translation directly from our homepage—simply input your text or upload a file for instant, complimentary translations.

One-to-Many Translation

Break away from the traditional one-to-one translation limits. Get multilingual results in one go, saving time and effort.

AI Translation

Unlike standard machine translation, we use advanced artificial intelligence technology to ensure natural and precise translation outcomes.

Free Files Parsing

Use the upload button to parse your file, and the result will be displayed in the input box.

Online Character Count

Lets you easily calculate and count the number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs in your text.

Free Text to Speech Online

Free conversion of translated text into speech for playback

Usage scenario

Marketing & Operations Teams

Marketing & Operations Teams

Enhance your global outreach and customer support by providing information and assistance in the native languages of your target markets.

Language Learners

Language Learners

Accelerate your language learning journey with comparative translations, offering insights into linguistic nuances and idiomatic expressions across cultures.

Developers & Webmasters

Developers & Webmasters

Multilingual SEO: integrate multilingual support into your websites and applications, making them accessible to a global audience without the hassle of manual translations.

Questions and answers

Is free to use? provides a free translation service with some limits to prevent misuse and ensure everyone has fair access. We monitor usage to stop abuse and may set limits to keep our service available for all genuine users. We guarantee a free tier with reasonable usage restrictions.

How does the file upload feature work?

Users can upload documents in JSON,PDF,DOCX,DOC formats, and our platform will automatically extract the text and translate it into the selected languages. This feature is designed to simplify the translation process for texts contained in files, making it especially useful for office workers and professionals dealing with documentation.

Are there plans to support more file formats for translation on

Absolutely! We are planning to introduce support for additional file formats, including images and possibly audio files, to provide a more comprehensive translation solution. Keep an eye on our updates for new features.

Will add more target languages for translation in the future?

Yes, we are committed to expanding our list of target languages to include more regional and less commonly spoken languages. Our goal is to make our translation services as inclusive as possible, catering to a broader audience worldwide.

Is there a limit to the number of languages I can translate my text into at one time?

While we strive to accommodate as many languages as possible in a single translation request, performance may vary based on the complexity and length of the text. For the best results, users are encouraged to check the current limitations and supported languages on our platform.

How can I ensure the privacy and security of my uploaded documents?

We prioritize user privacy and data security. Uploaded documents are only used for translation purposes and are not stored longer than necessary to provide the service. For more detailed information, users are advised to review our privacy policy.

Say goodbye to traditional one-to-one translation tool. is an advanced translation platform that enables users to translate text into multiple languages at once. It leverages artificial intelligence, specifically OpenAI's technology, to provide accurate and authentic translations.